Control System Support


Eight sites across the UK were identified as being of critical operation to the operational
activities of our customer. These sites needed assistance in their fault diagnosis activities as well as plant modifications and process improvements. The site hardware ranges from Mitsubishi, ABB, Rockwell and also Siemens., and each of the plants have different involved equipment and processes.

Tycon Automation offers a full support portfolio ranging from 24/7 telephone support with remote access facilities, for the more critical assets. We are also able to offer telephone support within office hours for those assets deemed to be of less process risk. All the support packages carries a urgent response clause in that Tycon Automation will attend site within four hours if the issue is deemed to be of critical importance.

Tailored into the support package is a routine annual visit, in which all aspects of the control infrastructure and software and checked and verified. This involves a Tycon Automation engineer attending each site to backup site PLC and SCADA systems ensuring current copies of software were ratified with the actual software on site.

We are not specific to any industry nor any vendor, we support control systems. With support from Tycon Automation our dedicated team of engineers have a comprehensive knowledge of electrical and control systems.

In a control and automation environment with constantly changing boundaries the
engineers involved in the support structure are at the forefront of emerging technologies.

allows modifications and process enhancements to utilise the latest technology but also future proofing the modifications and the infrastructures we put in place.