Tycon Automation Ltd appointed by Westermo

Jan 2012

With a proven track record with Westermo products across varied industrial communication applications Tycon Automation Ltd have been appointed as one of the leading approved solution providers for Westermo in the UK.

Westermo are one of the world’s leading industrial communications specialists, manufacturing, distributing and supporting a varied range of industrial communications equipment.

This appointment recognises the work already undertaken by Tycon Automation Ltd in the field of industrial communications utilising the Westermo portfolio of products. “We are pleased to appoint Tycon Automation Ltd as an Approved Solution Provider as they have consistently demonstrated their expertise in the integration of our industrial communication products” said Neil Yates of Westermo.

Tycon Automation Director Scott Davis adds “We have worked closely with Westermo on a number of significant projects and in our experience their products and support infrastructure are second to none. This appointment marks the next phase of our relationship with Westermo and underlines the continued ambition to grow our business and be associated with the best manufacturers in the market place.”

Tycon Automation Ltd are using the Westermo Connect M2M remote support solution for many of its customers. Providing access to a control system in a remote location over any media i.e. ADSL, VDSL, 3G/GPRS or a LAN already present on the remote site. The only requirement is that there is access to the Internet. There are no geographic or country restrictions; machines or remote system can be located anywhere in the world. The remote systems can be connected 24/7 or on demand as required over the Internet. Using secure network tunnels to the remote site, accurate trending and alarm information can be gathered. The information can be used to pre-empt a system failure and allow maintenance to be carried out in an orderly and cost effective way.

“Service support is a growing element of our business model, with the features of Westermo Connect, we can now gain access to our control systems without the requirement of a secure SCADA for a connection point. Our engineers can now remotely support our customers out of any location with Internet access, for instance Wi-Fi hot spots, via 3G mobile networks or a home broadband connection. Which can only be good for our customers and the level of service we can provide” says Scott Davis.

Left to Right: Neil Yates,Westermo; Scott Davis, Tycon Director; Andrew Robertson, Tycon Director.