DIN Rail Mounted Profibus Cable Screen Clamp


Many of the worlds Profibus Installations do not provide adequate supplementary bonding of thecable screen, simply relying on the 9 pin D type for screen earthing.

Traditionally the excuses have been made that this activity is costly and labour intensive. This is no longer the case with the Profibus Cable Screen clamp.

A simple DIN rail shield connection point with screen connection clips for a consistent approach to earthing a Profibus system.

  • Single cable standard 35mm DIN rail mounting shield connection point
  • Includes cable-securing points for cable ties if required
  • Cable Shield clips and springs for easy cable screen connection to EMC rail
  • Cable sheath must be stripped for approx. 24mm to allow connection
  • Cable screen continuity is maintained as only PVC outer layer is removed
  • No chance of distortion or crushing of Profibus cable